Outlook Integration – Automatically save email threads in Outlook


With the Outlook Integration feature, you can save both messages that you are sending and messages that you have received directly into relationship records in your NetSuite account.

To enable the Outlook Integration feature, go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > CRM, check the Outlook Integration box, and click Save.

Before you can begin using the Outlook Integration feature, you need to download and install the client.

1. Close Outlook if you currently have it open.

2. Go to Home > Settings > Set Up Outlook Integration.

integrate outlook with netsuite
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3. Click the link to download and install the client. Note your Account ID which will be needed when setting preferences below

install netsuite outlook integration client
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4. Follow the steps provided in the setup wizard

5. When you reopen Outlook, you will see two new buttons available in the toolbar:
Save in NetSuite – You will use this button to save messages you have received in Outlook to your NetSuite account.
NetSuite Options – You will use this button to log in, set preferences and set up your NetSuite address book.

save netsuite outlook integration settings
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To log in to NetSuite through Outlook:

6. In Outlook, click NetSuite Options to open the dropdown menu.

7. Select Set Login Values…

8. In the NetSuite Login popup, enter the email address and password you use to log in to your NetSuite account as well as your Account ID found in the previous step above.

netsuite outlook login popup
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9. Check the Save values and login automatically box to have your email address, password and account number saved in Outlook.

10. Check the Automatically save in NetSuite if exact match is found box to have a message automatically saved when there is an exact match for the record in your NetSuite Address Book.

11. Click OK to save your preferences.

If a match is not found, the Save Message to NetSuite window pops up, where you can manually search for records in your account and you can choose to save attachments included in the message as well.

save netsuite messages manually
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Messages save on the Files subtab of each record you save this message to and in the Attachments to Send or Attachments Received folders of the File Cabinet.

You can save up to 5MB for each attachment and a total of 10MB for each message.

set netsuite outlook attachment limits
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