“Override Period Restrictions” Permission for Month End Close


Do the members of your accounting team have proper permission to execute month end close? The “Override Period Restrictions” permission is assigned to users who create month end journal entries and updates after the standard month end processing is complete. They may add and edit posting transactions even after the accounting period is locked.

An accounting period can have one of three statuses: open, locked or closed. An open status allows any user to post transactions, subject to their role permission. A locked transaction prevents users from posting transactions unless they have the role of Administrator or have the Override Period Restrictions Permission. A closed accounting period status means that no user even with the role of Administrator or the Override Period Restriction Permission can post to the general ledger.

This permission is also required in order to access the Period Close Checklist from the Manage Accounting Periods page.

This permission should be used when a user needs access to these processes but who don’t need to have full Administrator access.

This permission is assigned to a role. To assign this permission, pull up the role go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Role >Permission > Setup and assign the Override Period Restrictions.

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