Password Strength Checker


NetSuite provides feedback on the strength of passwords you create for your own login, as well as passwords you create to give access to other users of your account.

The Password Criteria portlet appears on the Change Password Page, and provides feedback as you type your new password. A green check mark appears as you satisfy each rule for creating a strong password.

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The Password Strength rating appears on any entity record that can be granted access to your NetSuite account. As you set passwords for employees, vendors, partners, customers, and contacts, this view-only field provides feedback: Weak, Medium, or Strong.

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Note: These enhancements provide feedback to help you create a strong password, but they do not guarantee the security of a password. You are not prevented from ignoring the password strength rating, or using a weak password.

Be aware of the general password requirements for NetSuite:

In addition to the requirements enforced by NetSuite, note that a strong password includes all of the following: