NetSuite Custom Fields on Transactions


Many customers create custom fields for transactions to track and store custom information, validate user processes, or alert users to special transaction requirements. Generally these fields are placed in the main “header” section of the form, or on one of the subtabs. One problem with these custom fields, however, is ensuring users notice them and provide a value when needed, as not every field can be made mandatory depending on business requirements.

One solution that can be used to bring attention to custom fields is the placement of the field on the form in a position that distinguishes it from other fields.

Consider this Example: The business requires management review of transactions when there’s a high likelihood the customer will change their order prior to fulfillment. This intuitive evaluation can’t be accomplished with scripting, and requires a user to manually flag an order for review. Most orders do not require review, so the business wants the default value of their custom list field to be “Review not Required.” However, with a default value specified, simply making the field Mandatory does not require the user to interact with the field, as it will already have a value and thus no warning will be provided on Save if the user does not change the field value.

One thing the Administrator may consider is to place the custom field somewhere on the form where it stands out from the other fields: on the center line next to the order total. This configuration is done on the custom field at Setup > Customization > Transaction Body Fields > [field name] > Display subtab. In the Insert Before field, select “Outside Columns at Bottom.”

Tip Image 1
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When the field appears on the transaction, it will be positioned in the center of the page next to the order total- apart from the rest of the fields.

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