Publishing Dashboards

You can share your personalized dashboard with other users in your center by publishing it. A published dashboard can consist of one tabbed page, or of multiple pages. When you publish a dashboard, you define the roles for users who will see the published dashboard, and what changes users will be able to make to the published dashboard.

Note: The minimum required screen width size when using a three column layout is 1400 pixels.

Before you attempt to publish a dashboard:

Note: Please note that if your dashboard contains a calendar portlet that displays My Calendar, the published dashboard users will see their personal calendar, not the publisher’s one.

Note: When you create a custom tab, you select the centers where it will display. For example, for a tab used by sales reps, you would select the Sales Center, and for a tab used by accounting clerks, you would select the Accounting Center. You also have the option of making a tab display in all centers. However, be aware that tabs applied to all centers are not available in published dashboards.


To publish a dashboard:

1. Go to your home page, and in the Settings portlet, click the Publish Dashboard link.


2. On the Publish Dashboard page, enter a name for the dashboard in the Name field, and, if desired, descriptive text in the Notes field. These fields are for your reference only and are not exposed to other users.


3. If you want to prevent users from removing Shortcuts portlet links on the published dashboard’s pages, check the Lock Shortcuts box.


4. To prevent users from removing Create New bar links on the published dashboard’s page, check the Lock New Bar box.




5. On the Apply To Roles subtab, select the roles to which you want to publish this dashboard, and indicate whether to publish the dashboard to new users only or to both new and existing users.


All of a published dashboard’s information may not be available to all of its users. Users can view only the dashboard content that their assigned roles give them permission to see.


6. On the Apply To Tabs subtab, select the tabbed pages that you have customized to be part of the published dashboard, and choose how you want to restrict users’ changes to the published dashboard’s pages.


Note: Inline text for the Add/Move Content option indicates that this setting prevents users from removing published content. However, this setting may prevent users from removing portlets that they themselves have added as well as portlets that were added as part of the published dashboard

Important! After you have saved a published dashboard, you cannot redefine which tabbed pages are included nor change their restriction modes, so make these choices very carefully

7. Click Save. The published dashboard is applied to users assigned the selected roles. They will need to log out and log back into the system for changes to be visible. They also may need to clear their browser cache.