Record QuickView


Need a few more minutes on your day? Begin using QuickView!

QuickViews allows a user to view more details about a record and take actions without having to open a new form. To launch a QuickView just hover your mouse over one of the linked records.

Tip Image 1

In the example above, as the mouse hovers over the customer name, a QuickView displays details about the customer record. Notice this customer QuickView was accessed within the main body of the Sales Order.

QuickViews are enabled for most key record types including: Customers/ Lead/ Prospect, Contacts, Partners, Vendors, Employees, Tasks, Phone calls, Opportunities, Quotes, Sales orders, Invoices and Cash Sales.

Another timesaving feature of the QuickView is the ability to take “action” directly from the view. Available actions will vary based on record type. These actions include Edit, View, Approve and Decline. Notice in our customer example above, the user has the ability to select View or Edit. This allows the user to immediately launch the customer view or edit right from the QuickView window. This saves time as you will no longer have to move away from the screen to you are currently work on.

Tip Image 2
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Here is an example of a QuickView for a Task which was accessed directly from a Portlet.

In addition to accessing aQuickView from a Portlet or from the main body of a record, as from our first example, a QuickView is also available from a list. Below is an example of a phone call list where the QuickView is triggered from the Subject line link.

Tip Image 3
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The Record QuickView is one of key user interface changes in the NetSuite 2011.2 release. Prior to this release the linked records allowed you to drill back into record by opening a new window. The key benefit to QuickView is now you can access the key details and take an action without having to open the record. No additional setup or configuration is required to begin using these views. At this time, the fields in a QuickView are not customizable as the visible fields have been defined by NetSuite.

I hope you find the Record QuickView as easy and as helpful as I do. Give them a try!