NetSuite Relationships as Individuals or Companies


With NetSuite, you can indicate whether a relationship record represents an individual or a company.

When you create a customer, partner, vendor or other name record, choose whether this record is for a company or an individual in the Type field. Your selection determines which information is recorded on this page.

Records for individuals:

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netsuite relationships as individuals or companies

Records for companies:

You can choose whether customer records are created as individuals or companies by default at Setup > Company > General Preferences in the Default Customer Type field. This preference is set to Company by default.

You can choose the type of record created when customers submit online customer forms. On the Set Up Workflow sub-tab of the online form record, check the Create Customers as Companies field. Then, if customers enter information in the Company Name field, a company type record is created. If nothing is entered in the Company Name field, an individual type record is created.

If you want individual type records to also show as contacts, check the Show Individuals as Contacts box at Setup > Company > General Preferences.