NetSuite Employee Time Reporting by Customer Invoices Paid

NetSuite does not currently support reporting on Employee Time by Invoices Paid because the standard employee field on time records is not stored within the line items of an invoice.


When an employee’s time is considered a “Billable” service, invoices present a Billable Time sub-list for users to apply the time entry value to the total invoice amount.





The employee’s name is presented within the Billable Time sub-list while the transaction is in edit mode. However, after the transaction is saved, specific values of the applied time entries are transferred to the Items sub-list and Employee Name is not one of the values transferred. This makes reporting on invoices for specific employee times very difficult within NetSuite.



To apply a workaround solution, create a custom field for Time Entry records and Invoices that will store the Employee Record on saved Invoices. To create the custom field, navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Transaction Column Fields > New. Give the field a familiar name as it will be storing an employee record on both the Time Entry and Invoice records. In the Type field select List/Record. In the List/Record field select Employee. On the Applies To tab select the following: Sale Item, Time and Group on Invoices.









This field will now be presented on the Time Entry record, the Billable Time sub-list and the Item sub-list of a Service Invoice record.



Time Record:




Billable Time Sub-list (Invoice):




Item Sub-list (Invoice):





With the employee name stored on the saved Invoice, you will now be able to report on Employee Time by Customer Invoices Paid.



*Note: Sourcing to the custom field on Time Entries requires the use of a custom Employee Record field or scripting.