Secure Customer Domains for NetSuite Webstore Checkout


Currently, this feature is only available in limited release for Enterprise Edition customers. Call Explore Consulting to find out more information on Enterprise Edition.

Prior to Release 2011 Version 1, your only option to maintain your company branding on Web store checkout pages was to choose from a fixed set of secure subdomains configured by NetSuite. Now, NetSuite provides an add-on option to Enterprise Edition customers that preserves your domain name throughout the checkout process.

For example, you can now use a custom domain such as for your Web site and for checkout, ensuring consistent branding of your company’s domain name throughout the shopping and checkout process.

First, you must acquire your own SSL certificate from VeriSign or Next, contact your NetSuite Sales Associate to provision the Secure Domains feature. Then you can upload your SSL certificate to the file cabinet. A new subtab exists on the Set Up Domains page at Setup > Web Site > Domains, where you need to associate your secure checkout domain with the certificate and Certificate Authority you uploaded to the file cabinet.

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