Setting Custom Reminders


The NetSuite Reminders portlet can be a very useful tool for providing links to relevant information only when it becomes relevant. Rather than occupying valuable Dashboard space with multiple saved searches, the Reminders portlet only tells you action is required when action is required.

With the v. 2009.1 release, NetSuite has added the ability to create custom Reminders to work in your Reminders portlet. By defining a saved search and configuring the Reminders portlet using the steps below, you can tap into the usefulness of the Reminder’s Portlet with your own custom search criteria.

In your company several employees have the permission to create Item records, but your Accounting department does not want those Items available for sale until their configuration has been approved. You have created a custom list/record field (Approval Status) on the Item record that defaults to “Pending Approval” whenever a new item is created. You would like your Reminders portlet to tell you when you have newly created Items that require approval.

1. Create a Saved Search that matches the required criteria: In this case, you would create an Item Search with criteria that looks for all Items where Approval Status is still “Pending Approval.” Remember: what displays in your Reminders portlet will match the name of the Saved Search, so be sure to name the search something intuitive (ie: Items Pending Approval).

2. Check the “Available for Reminders” checkbox in the upper-right corner of the Saved Search page;

3. Specify any Results you would like to see when you drill down to the list of Items pending approval (ie: Item Name, Item Number, Created By, Date Created, etc.).

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4. On the Dashboard that contains your Reminders Portlet, click the Setup link for your Reminders Portlet. If your Reminders portlet is not currently set to display you can add it to your dashboard by clicking the Customize This Page link in the upper right corner of your dashboard, and selecting “Reminders” from the pane on the left side.

5. Your new custom reminder will be at the bottom of the Reminders list. Check the box next to your new reminder, and click Save.

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6. Now, whenever your saved search has any results matching the criteria, a link will appear in your Reminders portlet that will take you to the results of that search.

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7. Click the link to drill down to a list of the results:

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