Single-Use Coupon Codes


You can create single-use coupon codes that allow you to personalize your promotional campaigns and email marketing by providing each recipient a unique coupon code that can only be used once.

Now, there is a Codes subtab on the Promotion record where you can choose to use a list of single-use promotion codes or enter a single code that can be used by everyone targeted by the promotion. All single-use codes are listed on the Coupon Codes subtab on the promotion. You can click a code to see more details including the date it was sent and which customer used the code. Single-use coupon codes can be used on sales transactions entered through your Web store as well as those entered in NetSuite.

To create a promotion with single-use coupon codes,

There are two ways to create single-use coupon codes. You can either prepare a CSV file and import it into NetSuite, or you can have NetSuite generate the coupon codes for you.

Importing Single-Use Coupon Codes

To import a CSV file with coupon codes, you can do any of the following:

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Generating Single-Use Coupon Codes on the Promotion Record

NetSuite can generate coupon codes for you on the promotion record. You define a code pattern and enter how many codes you would like to generate. When you save the promotion, the coupon codes are generated.

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You enter code patterns using the following components, in any order you choose:

For example, the code ABC-[AN.3]-[A.3]-[N.3] would generate codes like:

When creating your code pattern, make sure that the pattern you give has enough variables to provide the number of unique codes you need for your promotion.

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Note: The following letters and numbers cannot be used in coupon codes: 1, 0, I, L, O.

Sending Single-Use Coupon Codes Through Email Campaigns

You can send single-use coupon codes through email marketing campaigns by including the <NLCOUPONCODE> tag in your marketing template. This tag is replaced in the email with a unique coupon code for each email recipient. If you are creating your template in NetSuite, to insert this tag, select Other in the Field Type dropdown, and then in the Insert Field dropdown, choose Coupon Code. If you are creating the template outside of NetSuite in an HTML editor, place the <NLCOUPONCODE> tag in the HTML.

To schedule an email campaign event that includes single-use coupon codes, your email event needs two things: