NetSuite StickyNotes SuiteApp

The StickyNotes SuiteApp lets you create and track notes on record pages. This feature fosters improved collaboration in team environments by enabling shared notes and responses. Notes can be made public to anyone with access to the record page, can be shared with only specific people or can be private for personal use. When dealing with multiple notes at a time, you can manage them on a board where you can sort, filter, archive, delete, reply or search while alternating between grid and sort views. Some common use cases for StickyNotes include:

Enabling StickyNotes:
To use StickyNotes, an administrator must first install the SuiteApp and configure it in your NetSuite account.

Using StickyNotes:
The StickyNotes toolbar appears at the top of a record page when it has been enabled on that record. From the toolbar you can add a note, set preferences and open the StickyNotes Board. If there are existing notes on a record, you can also filter them based on priority by clicking on the priority colors on the toolbar.

Adding a New Note

  1. Open the record to which you want to add a note.
  2. From the StickyNotes toolbar, click or hover on the StickyNotes dropdown menu. *Note: you can also create a field level note by hovering over a field label.
  3. Select the priority of note you wish to create.
  4. A new note window appears.
    • To create a private note, leave the To and Public options blank.
    • To create a shared note, enter the people you wish to share the note with in the To field. The recipients will receive an email notification when they are tagged in a note.
    • To create a public note, check the Public box to make the note visible to all users with access to the record.
  5. Type your note in the space provided.
  6. Click Save.

The StickyNotes Board

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The StickyNotes Board is a central location where you can view and manage all of your notes. The Board can be accessed from the StickyNotes toolbar on a record page. Alternatively, you can type “StickyNotes Board” into global search. Some highlights of the StickyNotes Board include the ability to:

  1. Filter notes by record type, creation date, priority or a search keyword.
  2. View notes in a list or grid format.
  3. Sort notes based on multiple criteria.
  4. View archived notes.
  5. View all notes in the notes pane.
  6. Navigate to the record where the note is attached.
  7. View note icons denoting privacy options and replies to the note.

More Information:
For more information about StickyNotes, visit SuiteAnswers in your NetSuite account and search “Using StickyNotes.”