Summary Criteria in Saved Searches


Many customers look for ways to target marketing messages at their highest performing customers. As an example, let’s say a user is putting together a marketing campaign to target Retail customers who spent more than $5,000 with your business in the last quarter. While Category and Date Range are standard, the $5,000 threshold requires a slightly different approach. In this case, a user will need to use a combination of standard criteria and summary criteria in order to retrieve an appropriate list of results.

The first part (customers who are categorized as Retail) is simple enough, because the Category and Transaction Date elements are available in the main Criteria drop-down. For this example, we should also limit the transaction types to only Cash Sales and Invoices so that we leave out Estimates, Sales Orders, and other non-posting transactions:

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The sales total, however, is more complex. The user’s first inclination might be to look to the “Transaction Fields…” selection where they found Transaction Type and Date, and add the criteria for Amount. Unfortunately, this would only return customers with individual transactions in excess of $5,000. Instead, the user needs to summarize the transactions for a customer, and then apply the Amount criteria.

This can be accomplished using the Summary subtab, located to the right of the Standard subtab above. Summary criteria allow you to group together a set of results and then apply your filter to the summarized values. With Summary criteria, you have access to the same grouping mechanisms as are available for Result columns: Minimum, Maximum, Count, Sum, & Average.

To find only those customers whose total sales exceed a threshold, we will want to select “Sum” as the summary type, as it will automatically add up all of the transaction amounts for the transaction types specified. Next, we will need to apply our summary to a field. Here, we are looking to Sum the transaction amount. In the Field drop-down, select “Transaction Fields…” to bring up a list of fields related to transactions for this customer, and, in the pop-up that appears, select “Amount,” and then specify “greater than” and “5000.”

When the three elements are brought together (summary type, transaction field, and amount), the Summary criteria will appear similarly to regular search criteria:

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When the user runs this search, it will return a list containing only those Retail customers whose total sales dollars for the specified period exceed the $5,000 minimum threshold:

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This saved search can now be used as the basis for a Dynamic group for email distribution lists, marketing campaigns, and other special targeted activities.