NetSuite System Preferences Audit Trail

In some occasions, multiple users are granted Administrator access to a NetSuite account. While this provides easy access and control for certain business scenarios, it has historically meant that certain configurations could be performed by a variety of users without any knowledge of who made those changes and when.

For example, prior to Version 2009.2, if a user changed an Accounting preference, there would be no way to know that the preference had changed without looking for its impact on transactions. If it was discovered that a change had occurred, there would be no way to know which user changed the preference or when, making cleanup- and future controls- very difficult.

With NetSuite’s version 2009.2 release, a new Audit Trail feature has been added to the following configuration pages:

Each of these pages have an Audit Trail link in the upper right corner that will link to the Audit History for that configuration page.

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Clicking the link will bring up a page listing which preference was changed, by whom, on which date, as well as the previous and new setting of the preference. In this way Administrators will always retain a history of their previous system configurations and be able to easily manage how and when these preferences change.

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