Tiered Case Categories


Here is a method to assign tiered case category and sub category to cases. Adding tiered category will allow you to track issues in greater detail.


In our example we will only look at 2 levels. We have created 2 Issue categories at the main level and a detailed issue at the sub-level category:

Note: You can create as many levels as required.


Create a New Custom Record

Note: These record fields can only be created from within the custom record itself which in our example is called ‘Tiered Category Record’

Tip Image 1
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Create Selections

We will now create the selections that we want to appear in the case forms that the customer reps would select when creating a case. These selections can be created from multiple places. In this example we will go to the record shown above and click on ‘View Records’ (circled above & labeled as 2)

Note: The selections you see circled & labeled as 3 above come from a List/Record type of Multiple Select.

Tip Image 2
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