Using Report Snapshots


Often overlooked in NetSuite, yet easily deployed is the ability to take your favorite report and place a snapshot of it on your dashboard. For information you reference frequently, snapshots can save a lot of time by making the report readily available. To publish a snapshot, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Find your favorite report, customize to your needs.

Step 2: In edit screen for the report, hit the ‘Save and Create Snapshot’ button.

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Step 3: Set Snapshot preferences before displaying on your dashboard, there are several key settings to configure that will affect the way the report looks. First, give your snapshot a title. Next, list options allow you to select which fields will display for both wide and narrow regions of your dashboard, depending on where you place it. Check the boxes next the fields you want to display for each.

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Step 4: Set graph settings

If you choose to display your snapshot as a graph, set which fields represent the X and Y axis.

Step 5: Display on your dashboard and configure

To customize your dashboard, click the link in the upper right hand corner of the page “Customize this page”. Find your snapshot within the Custom folder and click on it. The snapshot should be added to your dashboard into a new portlet. Notice that if you drag and drop the portlet to the wide region, the fields listed change. Under the setup option, you can change the snapshot from list to a graph. The edit option allows you to modify other snapshot settings.

Use report snapshots to bring our favorite report results onto your dashboard for easy reference.

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