Using Support Case Assignment Rules


You can create and utilize assignment rules to automatically route support cases to specific support representatives based on specified criteria.

NetSuite uses the assignment rules to search cases based on specified criteria and then uses an assignment rule to automatically assign the case to the person that has been specified.

For example, say a company (Wolfe Electronics) has identified the main customer service issues and has configured the following values in the “Case Issue” list:

  1. Hardware Service Request
  2. Return or Exchange Request
  3. Billing Question

Based on this list, Wolfe Electronics wants to configure NetSuite to assign all Billing Questions to the Support Manager, David Bradford, due to their sensitive nature and permission access in NetSuite.

To set this case assignment rule up in NetSuite, an Administrator would need to perform the following steps:

Create Support Case Rule:

  1. Navigate to Setup → Support → Case Rules → New
  2. Select the field that you wish to base the rule on (in this example it’s the case issue field).
  3. Enter a name/description and specify the criteria:

Tip Image 1

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Create Support Case Territory:

  1. Navigate to Setup → Support → Case Territories → New
  2. Enter a name/description
  3. On the “Configure Rule Definitions” tab, select the rule that you created in the section above.
  4. On the “Support Assignment” tab, select the person(s) that you wish to have the support cases assigned to. NOTE: If you select more than one person, it will assign the cases in a round-robin fashion.