Using Support Case Escalation Rules


You can create and utilize escalation rules to route important support cases to specific support representatives (or managers) in order to expedite their closure or to ensure that the customer receives a certain level of care.

NetSuite uses escalation rules to search cases based on specified criteria and then uses an escalation assignment rule to automatically assign the case to the person(s) or group(s) that have been specified.

For example, say a company (Wolfe Electronics) has negotiated a Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) with their customers stating that they will respond to all support cases within the first hour of receiving them. Based on this, Wolfe Electronics wants to configure NetSuite to escalate these cases to the Support Manager anytime a support case is older than an hour and still has a status of “Not Started”.

Wolfe Electronics can accomplish this by creating the following 2 Escalation Rules and Escalation Assignment:

Escalation Rules (Setup → Support → Escalation Rules → New):

  1. Create a rule based on the Case Field “Case Status” and set the criteria to any of “Not Started”.
  2. Create a rule based on the Case Field “Duration since Case Creation (minutes)” and set the criteria to be greater than 60 minutes. NOTE: NetSuite updated this feature in version 2013.1 to be based on minutes rather than hours.

Escalation Assignment (Setup → Support → Manage Escalation Assignment → New):

  1. Give the escalation assignment a name and description and then associate the rules that were created above:Tip Image 1

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    Then click on the “Assignment” tab and add the person(s) and/or group(s) that you wish to escalate the cases to.