FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

As a Certified SuiteCommerce Digital Agency Partner with more than 16 years of NetSuite Ecommerce experience, Explore Consulting understands how to successfully leverage the SuiteCommerce platform to take your online business to the next level!

The solution leverages newly released SuiteCommerce Advanced features and accommodates commonly needed functionality packaged into Ecommerce store templates to enable rapid time to market. Featuring responsive and mobile capabilities, it’s the optimal entry point for a quick, stream-lined SuiteCommerce Advanced website launch.

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FastTrack for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

Jumpstart your Ecommerce project with a proven approach

Site Templates

Starting with a great looking template can save not only development costs, but help with streamlining requirements gathering and design processes. Having the opportunity to select one of the templates developed for the FastTrack program means that your site will look and function beautifully even before our team adds the Explore Consulting personal touch.

Development Process and Tools

FastTrack projects don’t start with the typical base SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) site because we immediately apply significant horsepower by adding the FastTrack toolkit and methodology. We use industry leading source control and build technologies, integrated with NetSuite recommended approaches and best practices. Wrapping all of this together into FastTrack meant building automation and process that allows us to deliver unparalleled value to clients, reducing errors and manual steps.

Pre-Configured SuiteCommerce Features

SuiteCommerce Advanced platform comes with a lot of great features available out of the box with no customization. As part of FastTrack, Explore Consulting allows clients to select features and capabilities of NetSuite and SCA and configure them to match their business needs. These features include My Account center, faceted navigation and search, search engine optimization, ratings and reviews, and many more.

Site Templates


SuiteCommerce Advanced provides a functional website right out of the box, but making it beautiful traditionally fell to web designers and developers. For clients who need rapid results, or don’t require a completely custom design, FastTrack templates are the answer. This approach provides a fast-forward of the design phase of the project, letting clients start with a beautifully functional template that best matches their brand and mission. Along with customized shop flow and checkout experience, FastTrack offers a set of flexible layouts and page templates that can be used in conjunction with Site Management Tool’s Content Management System (CMS), giving clients tools to manage content themselves.


● Catered selection of modern beautiful templates to choose from
● Reduced time to launch without sacrificing user experience
● Highly modular Content Management System page framework
● Responsive, with support for desktop and mobile browsers including smart phones and tablets

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Pre-Configured SuiteCommerce Advanced Features


By itself, a SuiteCommerce Advanced site is not all custom code and beautiful styling, there is a fair bit of NetSuite configuration required to enable features that make SuiteCommerce a prominent online commerce platform. Features like payment and tax calculations, guest checkout, store locator, product reviews, and more, are available out of the box, but require an expert’s attention to work properly. As part of FastTrack, Explore Consulting categorized everything needed to make a great working online store into several categories, covering all aspects of the site.

Website Configuration: Making SuiteComerce go to work for you, configured with all the best practices and latest web standards in mind
UI / UX: Beautiful, highly functional User Interface driving conversion through modern User Experience
Commerce Features: Make the most of what’s in the box with NetSuite and SuiteCommerce Advanced features and capabilities
DevOps: Polished and highly automated development methodology ensures the ultimate success of the implementation

As part of Explore Consulting’s rapid development methodology on FastTrack projects the team will gather requirements and configure features to fulfil clients’ business needs. Since functionality surfaced on the website inherits styling offered by FastTrack templates the overall package provides value without compromising the user experience.


● Full benefit of NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform
● Coherent user experience across all features
● Professional configuration follows NetSuite best practices

Development Process and Tools

For quick completion, automation is everything. Explore Consulting invested heavily in doing just that with the FastTrack toolkit.
Source control repository management, code deployments, and building projects with the templates and
settings per client specifications, and automated testing are all the types of tasks and activities Explore Consulting invested in for the toolkit.

Faster Development

Reduced Risk of User Errors

Repeatable Methodology

Happy Explore Clients Are Our Priority

As a new and growing brand, we needed a platform that allowed us to move quickly. NetSuite has provided the tools to make the omnichannel concept a reality, and Explore Consulting has been a critical partner in pulling it all together.

Clay Haeber, Information Systems and Other Stuff,
Kit and Ace

Not only did they save us time and money when we launched our SuiteCommerce Advanced site, but they also provided critical functionality on how we wanted to organize and present our products with their Category Manager module.

Paul Collinsworth, General Manager,

Explore's team was instrumental to the success of our recent new website launch. Without their help we would not have been able to create the type of simple and problem free searching and browsing experience we want for our users.

Gavin Smith, IT Department,
Greg Smith Equipment